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I like weird things.
And I probably like myself more than I like any of you.

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Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes
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Roomie asks if I want anything from the store.


Roomie buys biggest watermelon they had because “they were all the same price, so why the hell not?!”

Roomie then throws fit because he cannot carry all the groceries into the apartment in one trip.

1 note · Aug 19th 2014

Wonder Woman by Jim Lee & Scott Williams
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Penguin and dog playing

gimme! 13,730 notes · Aug 15th 2014
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Things might actually work themselves out for once…

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WorldofBulldog 178 notes · Aug 10th 2014

I will take twenty. 

If this ever becomes a real thing, point me in the right direction. 46,265 notes · Aug 9th 2014
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