Twenty-six. Ohio. Artist. Tattoo addict. Voyeuristic. Inspirational. Sarcastic. Entertaining. Narcissistic. Gamer. (just ask to add)

I like weird things.
And I probably like myself more than I like any of you.

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I can handle being alone

I’ve just grown tired of being lonely.

And everyone I talk to about how I can’t meet people or get them to stick around for longer than a few weeks just looks at me like I’m crazy and then tells me that the other person is crazy because I’m awesome/beautiful/whatever. Things just don’t add up for me I guess. 

My dog and my cat are the ONLY things keeping me from packing up and running away from here. Work just stresses me out in a major way EVERY day. I’m treated like a 5 year old and I feel severely under appreciated and overworked. It’s not fun anymore. 

And I’m just so………tired. 

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Day: 1 painting coworkers as zombies for a video shoot #100happydays Mar 21st 2014
Today I painted zombie make up…

and now I’m going to softball practice. :D 

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