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I like weird things.
And I probably like myself more than I like any of you.

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Purchase phone cases and other art here 22 notes · May 11th 2014
Added to my Society 6. Prints available too. 2 notes · Aug 31st 2012
Never posted the final here. I’m still not happy with the hair, but oh well. 3 notes · Aug 31st 2012
Currently working on… 15 notes · Aug 20th 2012
Purchase prints or cases here. 22 notes · Jul 30th 2012
Simple version #shehulk #art #vector #marvel #comics #superhero #superheroine #illustrator (Taken with Instagram) 4 notes · Jul 2nd 2012
Quick 5 hour She-Hulk vector. #shehulk #marvel #comics #superhero #superheroine #vector #art #illustrator (Taken with Instagram) 4 notes · Jul 2nd 2012
Quick 2 hour vector self portrait. Version 1 #selfportrait #vector #art #illustrator (Taken with Instagram) 14 notes · Jun 29th 2012
Quick vector art. 19 notes · Jun 27th 2012
7 notes · Jun 25th 2012
bah new WIP stuff. Personal project.  8 notes · Jun 10th 2012
For the few who missed it when I posted it yesterday. 20 notes · May 25th 2012
Done? I think so. Not that anyone cares. :/

I’ve also never been a fan of the perfect vector art portraits. I think noticing all the shapes makes it fun hah. So let’s not nitpick here. 20 notes · May 24th 2012
Current WIP 6 notes · May 24th 2012
Fighting with the nose. :/ Guess we’ll see. 7 notes · May 23rd 2012