Twenty-six. Ohio. Artist. Tattoo addict. Voyeuristic. Inspirational. Sarcastic. Entertaining. Narcissistic. Gamer. (just ask to add)

I like weird things.
And I probably like myself more than I like any of you.

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Waiting is a mistake #me #tattoos 3 notes · Mar 9th 2014
Puppy grooming party. Ugh. 3 notes · Mar 8th 2014
Shit pic, but Wonder Lady is finally finished and we are in the planning stages of my NEXT piece. Super stoked on this one. It’s gonna be a doozy :D 14 notes · Jan 30th 2014
3 notes · Dec 23rd 2013
Lately… 12 notes · Nov 15th 2013
Best day ever. 9 notes · Sep 21st 2013
He’s a pit sniffer… #boxer #bastian #bastianbalthazarbux #boxermix #bulldog #bulldogmix #dog #puppy #englishbulldog #tattoos #me 5 notes · Aug 7th 2013
Well then. #tattoos #bodymods #tattoo #me 14 notes · Jun 2nd 2013
I should be sleeping.

But here’s some of my newest tattoo… 13 notes · Apr 27th 2013
Today’s session. Color in a few weeks. So tired… 13 notes · Feb 26th 2013
I lied. I guess I got back into it after all. Got a little further today. Of course I’m onto the one thing I hate about any sort of portrait…hair. :/ 9 notes · Feb 11th 2013
About as far as I got… 9 notes · Feb 11th 2013
I’m also vain.Whoop dee doo.  12 notes · Jan 10th 2013
I’m bored. This is old. 23 notes · Jan 10th 2013
Last one. Promise. #bobafett #boobs #starwars #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #me 17 notes · Nov 2nd 2012