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I like weird things.
And I probably like myself more than I like any of you.

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7 notes · May 9th 2012
7 notes · May 9th 2012
Driving around the back roads of my town. Not a lot of old stuff, but this place is being gutted and I really wish I could ask the owners if I could shoot in/around it but I never have the time anymore. This was a drive by haha 1 note · Jan 17th 2012
April 2005-October 2011
R.I.P. Whittier 5 notes · Oct 8th 2011
6 notes · Aug 17th 2011
Moar jellies!! 2 notes · Aug 8th 2011
1 note · Aug 7th 2011
1 note · Aug 7th 2011
Jellies! (Taken with Instagram at Shedd aquarium) 3 notes · Aug 6th 2011
2 notes · Jul 25th 2011
Sometimes I enjoy getting out of suburbia and the city. 1 note · Jun 26th 2011
And I liked this one, aside from the redneck standing in the background. 7 notes · Jun 12th 2011
I promise I’ll bring my real camera next time. 3 notes · Jun 12th 2011
I dunno, I’m kinda likin’ this one too. 9 notes · Jun 8th 2011
11 notes · Jun 8th 2011